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Spec Book Pro Updates
Date Update
6/21/2018 Added cookie consent message to Login screen
6/14/2018 Add Image screen: Changed 'Image' button label to 'Image tab'
10/10/2019 Improved Item# sorting for Item#s with decimal in numeric sequence
10/10/2018 Added filtering for Manufacturer to Finish and Furnishing Schedules
1/14/2018 Updated cloning so the Revision Notes are not included in the cloned specs.
12/4/2017 Fixed problem in programming in Component Detail screen, Next and Prev buttons, to improve speed and reliability when paging through specs.
11/26/2016 A new feature was added to the User Detail screen that allows a user to display a different "Issued By" name than the user login. Note: Only Spec Book Pro administratiors can edit the User Detail (from the User List in Admin).
10/15/2016 Added new filters for filtering specs, schedules, budgets, and other reports.
8/11/2016 A new feature, a text box on the Component Notes screen, is named "Private Notes for this Spec (for Internal Use Only)." You can use it to keep reminder notes about the current spec. The information entered does not appear in the Spec Book pdf.
2/10/2016 The Locations for a Project can be added to a Project Location List when you add a new Spec by selecting the plus button [+]. You can add the Locations individually or import all the Locations from another Project. This makes selecting Locations easy and fast, and helps create consistent Location names.
1/15/2016 You can add a new logo for a Project if it would be useful. Go into the Project Detail screen and add a logo image. It will be displayed on Specs and Schedules for that project only. Your Firm logo will be shown on Projects that don't have an image added.
12/30/2015 A new feature in Spec Book Pro lets you add a Revision Note quickly from the Component Detail screen. This saves time and prevents forgetting to document a revision. When you use this feature to add a Revision Note, it automatically updates the Revision Number and Revision Date in the Spec List. This makes tracking revisions quick and easy. Your purchasing team will be grateful.
10/19/2015 A new feature in Spec Book Pro - Spec Is Completed - can save you time. The new column in the Spec List – Completed – indicates that the spec needs no further work. You can mark a spec as Completed from the Component Detail screen – click on the ‘Mark spec as Completed’ button. To change the Completed checkbox for a row in the Spec List, click on the Row Edit button. To filter out Completed specs in the Spec List , click on the ‘Spec List for Project showing only Specs Not Completed’ on the Main screen. Thanks to KO for this suggestion.
9/4/2015 The Spec Library tab, which replaces Storage, is where you add frequently-used specs to the Spec Library. You can add specs from the Spec Library into any project from the dropdown list at the bottom of the Spec List. (The spec is assigned an Item# of 'AAA-000' so it sorts to the beginning of the Spec List, where you can change it to what is approriate for the current project.)

This allows you to re-use your "favorite" specs over and over, which saves time and makes you more productive. You can review, modify, and remove specs from the Spec Library by opening the Spec Library from the Main Menu.
8/15/2015 Component Types: Now you can create a PDF for all the Component Types showing the default Notes, Descriptions, and Attributes. Just go to Configure Component Types on the Main menu and click on the PDF button. Any updates will be included when you create a new spec.
7/22/2015 New Server: We moved to a new server this morning with 4 times the memory, 2 CPUs, and much faster (SSD) hard drives. (Sorry for the techie jargon.)
Bottom line: The server should be faster!
6/1/2015 In the Spec List, you can display only Finishes or only Furnishings with the Filter Dropdown List at the top.
3/16/2015 Do you need Markup Pricing? See Markup Pricing using Markup Multiplier.
Click on this link for a quick overview:
1/27/2015 If you get this error "A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client...", Microsoft is saying you have pasted in a suspicious character, like "<" or ">" or "#" or "/". Delete the characters before proceeding. (It's too much security IMHO, like getting snagged for taking a 6oz bottle of shampoo onto a plane.)
10/27/2014 We have fixed the memory leaks that were causing problems on the new server. We will continue to monitor our error logs daily.
10/7/2014 We are working on some glitches that started occurring after the move to the new server. Hopefully, we will eliminate these issues by the end of the week.
9/21/2014 Web server was overwhelmed with DDOS hacker attack for several hours
9/13/2014 Moved to new server with load
 balancing to provide more memory when large Spec Books are created